3D Printed T Shank Saw Blade Holder for Minimalist EDC Emergency Saw.

Introduction: 3D Printed T Shank Saw Blade Holder for Minimalist EDC Emergency Saw.

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I like to carry tools with me but a saw for emergency or neccesity was always too bulky. Recently someone locked their cable bike lock through my lock and I wished I had a saw blade to just go through it. I had a handle that fit SAWZALL blades but it was just too big. I liked the size of the Bosch t shank blades. They fit easily into everything I carried but I couldn't find a way to get a handle on them. I searched and searched. So, I decided to experiment with making something myself. I bought a drafting program on the app store, measured the t shank blade and drew it out in 3D. Had it printed online (shapeways). It was much easier then I thought and, to my suprise, it worked.

Step 1: Measure the Shank

I used a simple pair of calipers to make all the measurements. I really tried to be both accurate and precise, but frankly, the cheap calipers worked fine. I think if you are close enough, it will work well enough. Also, I was prepared to do material removal/ fine tuning just in case.

Step 2: Arbor Method

I wanted an arbor that I could keep small and incorporate into my EDC tool roll. Making this small two part square allows me to really keep everything small. You can pair this with either a vice grip or some other kind of C clamp. I tried holding it with a leatherman but it just didn't work. The jaws didn't open enough and not enough grip.

Step 3: Printing

I submitted the files to shapeways and had them printed in plastic. They really seem to be sturdy enough. If anyoen wants the files, I will be happy to let you use them. Just an FYI, depeding on the blade, you may have to remove some material at the opening. I measured a metal blade, then when I tried to put a wood blade in, the teeth stuck out and curved so I had to remove a mm or so of material with fine grit sandpaper. I didn't have to make any other adjustments.



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    As you write about "holding it with a Leatherman" - the Leatherman Surge comes with holder for the T Shank saw blades. It is a big and quiete expensive multitool (but worth its price, in my opinion) and it's a good alternative for all who carry a multitool anyway and have no access to 3D-Printing.

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    Unfortunately, I carry a Leatherman MUT which is also big, expensive and heavy. I wanted to canibalize a surge for that bit holder but just couldn't justify the expense. The MUT It has the bit holder but no T shank blade holder. I have a prototype printing for a T shank to Leatherman Bit holder at the 3D printer now. Curious to see how that goes.

    Also, I dont have a 3D printer, i sent the files to a company online and had them printed. Cost was like $8. If you want the files, just let me know how to send them.

    This looks good, it came out well. :) Welcome to instructables!

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    I have one of the prototype, it is well made. The original design has excellent clearances and seems like it will hold up to decent use before showing signs of wear.