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Hi Instructabrarians,

This is a pretty fun project I made last week Friday afternoon: a 3D Tetris Cube! Using  our company's 3D UP printer, I got this file from Thingiverse.com (All credit for the file goes to PP3D) rescaled it to a pocket sized version and then scaled it to Pocket Sized. Afterwards I painted it using Red, Yellow and Blue enamel paint and finally encapsulated it in a stylish clear acrylic casing.

I actually first encountered this cube a year ago at a friend's house.   For those of you who don't know what a Tetris Cube is, it is a rather mesmerizing puzzle cube.  There are 12 uniquely shaped puzzle pieces with a maximum of 9, 839 solutions and 9,130,086,859,014,144 possible cube orientations- the trick is to find just one.

HAHA yeah right! The Tetris cube is just like any other puzzle once you know the system. Instead of trying to find all possible solutions, just try to master one way, and pretend like it's your first time attempting it.  So, just for fun, I will be including a bonus solution pack on how to solve the frustrating cube. Impress your friends!  Win that Promotion!


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