3D Printed USB Night Light

Approximate project cost: <$2

Max print dimensions 23 x 16 x 10mm

Visit www.project3dprint.com to download the free STL files and order the electronics for this project! Then follow this simple instructable on how to assemble it all together!

Turn your old and unused USB wall charger into a night light! This nifty little USB night light is super quick to print and takes less than a minute to put together! For less than 2 bucks you can print and build a night light to place in the bathroom, kid’s bedroom, stairwell or anywhere else you might need a dim light at night. Print it in whatever color you want to give a glow that will allow you to see in the dark and scare away those monsters in your kid’s bedroom!Note: Wall charger not included in electronics kit.

Step 1: Insert LED Module Into Case

Simply slide and press the LED module into your 3D printed case. The hole in the PCB module will click over the cylindrical boss on the inside of the case.

Step 2: Slide Cover Into Case

Simply slide your second printed part into the case and you're done!!



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