3D Printed Year of the Goat Chopstick Helper





Introduction: 3D Printed Year of the Goat Chopstick Helper

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Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, and most Chinese are already starting to eat 'Yee Sang' during this festive season.

Eating Yee Sang during Chinese New Year is a cultural activity for Chinese living in Singapore and Malaysia. For those who face difficulties in handling chopsticks (especially when you are required to toss the yee sang as high as possible for better fortune and prosperity), I've designed and 3D printed a chopstick helper to better improve your chopstick handling skills...:)

Front face of chopstick helper shows Chinese calligraphy 'Yang', meaning Goat. Back Chinese calligraphy shows 'Fu', meaning Fortune or Good Luck.

Step 1: Download STL Files (and Parts) Here.

Printed via Designex 3D Odyssey X2 (Dual Extruder) 3D Printer. Different 3D printer models varies in quality results, as I've printed with Flex Rubber fused with PLA.

Can be printed with single extruder, as 3D model parts are separated. 2 different models are uploaded as various chopstick designs varies.



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    Thank you to everyone's comments....Wishing everyone a prosperous New Year!


    3 years ago


    I'm sorry I just google searched it and it said goat and sheep

    I would just like to say it's not the year of goat it's the year of the ram

    很有意思 另外 恭喜发财