3D Printed the Carriage for Cinderella.




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It is a perfect gift for your princess.

Yet you can put into the carriage pair of shoes :) or a nice ring.

This design combine elegance 3d quilling and 3D printing capabilities.
This model was created in the 123D Design.

Let's consider a step-by-step.

Step 1:

Draw half of the carriage.

Step 2:

Use Extrude tool for the main part of the model.
With the Mirror tool do the second part of the carriage.

Then combine the two parts of the carriage.

Step 3:

Use Extrude tool for decorative parts of the carriage.

Step 4:

Use Extrude tool for the carriage body and the lid.

Step 5:

Due to the Mirror tool, we got the same part of the carriage.

Make STL files of all parts of the carriage.

Step 6:

Print in all the details on the 3D printer.
If you do not have 3D printer, refer to the https://www.3dhubs.com


Glue all the pieces.
I used super glue gel.

Step 7:

The gift is ready!
The top cover is removed, and you can put inside a small gift.

You can print all parts of the carriage any colors.

Good luck!

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