3D Printer Coin/Pen Holder

Introduction: 3D Printer Coin/Pen Holder

The project came about after scrolling through Facebook and seeing a similar product being advertised. I thought it would be a nice little project which would be good to share with the Instructables world.

Coin/Pen holder is designed for AUD currency, although changes can be made to support others if desired.

Autodesk Inventor was utilised for the design then printed through Cura.

There's intention for an update to come with a swivel base and perhaps support for dual extrusion for different coloured numbering.

The Inventor part (.ipt) and print file are attached to the Instructable.

Step 1: Print the Part

Download the attached print files.

Hit print.

I printed using ABS (with 0.27mm layer heights) so that I could use the cold-vapour technique to treat the part. For information on cold vapour treating, head here:

Step 2: Finished

Now that'd you've printed your part, you're able to use it. be sure that around the base of the coin slots is clear from any unwanted filament as this will change the heights slightly causing some inaccuracies.

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