3D Printer Filament Fusing Project

You need these stuffs:
1. Definitely a PID temp controller. You can buy it or make one like this:

2. An Volcano aluminum block

3. E3D V5 throat (Preferably long type)
4. E3D V5 heatsink (Optional)
5. A cooling fan
6. The most important part is this PTFE tube with the ID of 1.8mm:


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Step 1: Preparing the Aluminum Block and Other Stuffs

Get the Volcano block and drill one of the screw holes to enlarge it to a diameter of 4mm (Shown in the picture) and smooth out the edges so that the PTFE tube can easily enter to this hole. Set the system by connecting the PID and heating element to this block. Also your thermocouple should have a M6 fixing screw (Look at the picture).

Step 2: Do It...

Heat the block at 220-230 degrees with a PID temperature controller and place the PTFE tube into the 4mm slot of the aluminum block. Cut the two sides of the filament and fuse them in the middle of the heated PTFE tube.

It is necessary to find the right method with a few trial and error during assembly. Also, it is necessary not to press too much while combining the two parts. Otherwise, the joining part is swollen because ithe PTFE tube is a little flexible in thmuch temp. When the fusing is completed, the teflon tube must be taken out of the aluminum block and cooled by the fan immediately, and it is necessary to continue pressing the two ends lightly until it cools down.

Obviously, it is a bit difficult to combine two spools in an extra meter with this method. Because you will have to slide the teflon tube along the filament.

In addition, one tip is, place a piece of the PTFE tube which you regularly use in your bowden, just before the fusing tube and after fusing finished you can use this tube as a diameter testing tube.

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