3D Printer Filament Holder




Introduction: 3D Printer Filament Holder

This filament holder can hold multiple colors of filament and makes it easy to change. The holder is designed to make is easy to change filaments. The main purposes of the Holder is so that you can use different filament rolls with any printer, all size rolls will fit!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1) 2x6 for your base, its length will need to be around two and a half feet

2) 3 inch diameter PVC pipe that can be cut into two 3 foot pieces

3) Wooden dowel or PVC pipe for the top bar to put the filament rolls onto.

4) You will need to cut two circles out of a piece of wood at least 2 inches thick.

5) Saw, screw gun, pencil, screws and some sand paper

Step 2: Base

First cut your base to your desired length to fit your printer.

Cut two circles out of your thicker piece of wood. They need to be about 2.75 inches so that the PVC pipe will fit snugly on top of them.

Once you get the two circle cut you need to find the center of your base. You will need to put the two circles about one and a half feet apart. The key on this step is to make sure the center of the circles are lined up because if they aren't the PVC pipes won't be in line

To secure the circles use at least two screws so it is not able to rotate.

Step 3: Cutting PVC Pipe

For this step you will need to cut your PVC pipe into two, the length will depend on your printers height. The filament will need to be above your printer so that it doesn't get tangled. Make sure each PVC post is long enough.

When you have your two post cut to the same length, you will need to make notches in the top of each post, as seen in the pictures above. One way to make the notches so that they are even and symmetrical you can take a hack saw and cut both sides of the pipe at the same time so they are even. These notches need to be able to fit the wooded or PVC dowel you want to hold your filament.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now you can put the pvc posts on the circles you mounted, make sure they are snug if need be you can add screws into the PVC pipe to secure it.

When you put your posts on you need to make sure the notches line up like the picture above. Then you can put the down across, in the notches and then put filament on and you are done!

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