3D Printer Filament Reel Holder




Introduction: 3D Printer Filament Reel Holder

This instructable shows how to make a 3D printer filament reel holder using an older desktop computer stand.

The holder has bearings and is adjustable for different size filament reels.

Step 1: Start With a Desktop Computer Stand.

First, find a computer stand that was used to hold an older desktop computer.

Next, discard the computer - it has been taking up too much space in storage. But keep the computer stand. (It's good to recycle.)

Step 2: Parts for the Bearing Assembly.

The first picture shows the parts for the bearing assembly.

The metal bolt, nut and washers are standard 3/16 inch hardware.

The colored washers were designed in SketchUp and made with a 3D printer - see below. Note that the images below do not show the full part, they are graphical representations.

The flat colored washer goes on the inside of the computer stand, so it does not show in the picture showing the assembled filament holder.

The colored washer with the lip is the bearing holder. It will be adjusted to fit in the next step.

Step 3: Adjust the Bearing Holder Washer.

The exact angle of these computer stands varies. For this reason the bearing holder will be adjusted by hand.

First use a square to check the angle where the sides of the computer stand meet the base.

File the bearing holder to the appropriate angle.

Step 4: Mount the Bearing Assemblies.

Drill four holes to mount the bearing assemblies. These holes are one inch above the base of the stand, and 5 inches apart.

Step 5: Assemble the Filament Reel Holder. It Adjusts to Fit Various Sizes of Filament Reels.

Assemble your stand, and enjoy your 3D printing.

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