3D Printed Wooden Bowl Replica. I Made It at TechShop

    To show steps to create 3D Printed Bowl/

    * Take photos per Autodesk 123D/Catch guidelines.
    * Use Autodesk 123D/Catch to generate stl file.
    * The 123D/Catch stl file creates surfaces.
    * Normally, there would be a hole on the bottom after we removed the base support.
    * Use Autodesk Meshmixer to repair the hole on the bottom.
    * Use Autodesk Meshmixer to generate full 3D part to fill the cavity inside the wooden bowl between the interior and exterior surface.
    * Output SOLID stl file.
    * Send to Makerbot.

    Download free Mesh Mixer software.
    Download free Maker Ware to review stl image before moving the file to the PC that has Makerbot attached.



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