This is about how to do 3-D printing and creating something useful

Step 1: Think of Something You Want to Make

If you think of something, you can most likely make it if you figure out a way only if it is possible.

Step 2: Go Onto a Tinkering Website

There are many types of websites you can use to make a item.

Step 3: Use the Shapes, Letters, and Symbols

Use these things to make your creation in any way you want. Your imagination is the limits.

Step 4: To Print

Save it as a stl. File so that it can be sent to a printer. Load it onto the printers system and make sure the most amount of surface area is on the plate.

Step 5: After Printing

It may take a few hours to print depending on the size and details. You may have to knock out the supports. They are there so the object doesn't fall apart or morph during printing.



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    3 years ago

    I like the ring. Thanks for sharing!