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These pens are created for celebrating the ceremony of 20th anniversaries of Shanghai Pinghe School. The souvenir pens are designed from the school motto and school culture. The school motto is Charitable and Courteous, Amiable and Creative. And the school culture is Modest but High-achieving, Harmonious yet Diverse.

Step 1: Why Did We Do That ?

1.Our school doesn’t have anything special to represent the school culture, not mention something like stationary.

2.The pens in the shop all look in the same way, boring and nothing special.

Step 2: Concept Design

So we aim to design a set of pens, and each stands for one unique phrase in our school motto and school culture. The concept for these four pens comes from our school motto and school culture, which is “charitable and courteous, amiable and creative, modest but high-achieving, harmonious yet diverse”. So when the teachers and students use these pens, it could remind them their good time in school.

Step 3: Detailing

Charitable and Courteous

The pen is straight and upright, meaning that education should always seek for integrity, and its supreme state is to always enhance the standard of behavior and morality.

Amiable and Creative

This pen looks like a kindly scholar. It means as people learn, when broad-minded, inclusive, receptive, and thus inclusive and encouraged to break the existing innovation.

Modest but High-achieving

This pen is unpretentious but bulging on the top. It means to seek a better life. Modest but High-achieving means a kind of wisdom and power.

Harmonious yet Diverse

The shape of the pen looks like two beams of power focus on a point. As focus on strengths to achieve new harmony.

Step 4: 3D Modeling

We created a clay model with the idea. And then use 123D (software) design the 3D models. According to the size of refill we regulated the size of 3D model in order to 3D printing out.

Step 5: 3D Modeling

As the structure of the pen is so complicated that we used the high precision technology of 3D printing to print them out. One of them can be hung in the pocket.

Step 6: Team Member

structural engineering:

张瑞钊 Ruizhao Zhang

Appearance Design:

张瑞钊 Ruizhao Zhang 汪圣聪 Shencong Wang

Reporting & Communication :

汪圣聪 Shencong Wang

项目管理 Project Management:

蔡文曈 Wentong Cai



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    This would be a great way to introduce kids to 3D printing. It's simple, practical and the application is something that they are familiar with.

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    2 years ago

    A very nice work and a great idea.
    Well done! ;-)
    Greetings from Stuttgart / Germany

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for your interest.