CSU Coins With Cross-Hatching



About: Mechanical engineer, Colorado State University alumni, and member of Alamance Makers Guild.

While making a model of the Colorado State logo, my alma mater, I noticed that there were a lot of floating entities that need a back plane to hold them all together. Thinking about filling in spaces from a sketching viewpoint, I decided to use hatching to connect to entities together while still letting the logo have good contrast.

The next idea I had was to put two logos back-to-back to get cross-hatching and make the logos into a two-sided coin. I printed a total of 4 different logos with two designs, inverses of each other, and two colors. You can see all of the combinations of logos in the first image.

I originally printed the CSU logo as a decoration for my office but I am now printing the coins as gifts from my friends who are graduating tomorrow. Congratulations Engineering Class of 2014.



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