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At first, i did not want to make an instructable on how to stack a couple of 3D printers on a shelf, but the final result turned out so nice, i decided to share it with the community.


Step 1: The Wall Color

The chosen colour for the farm background is black. You will need some black interior paint and a paint brush. The background colour will help highlight the 3D Printers.

Step 2: The Shelf

You will need a sturdy shelf to support the printers. I chose a PVC shelf that supports 70KG per shelf. The shelf i chose is not very sturdy, for that reason i used some extra support ( pictures ). This shelf can stack up to 8 printers (Prusa i3).

Step 3: Lighting Up the Printers

The shelf's naturally create shade onto the printers, so for that reason LED strips are glued on the bottom of each shelf in order to illuminate the 3D Printer's build space.

Step 4: The 3D Printers and Spool-holders

Now that the shelf's are well fixated on the wall, you can position your printers in place. Make sure to position the printers in a way you can change the filament effortlessly, and perform maintenance routines with ease of access.

The power supply are all stacked one on top of each other at this point, but i intend to position them in the lower shelf in the future.

Step 5: The Final Result

Our 3D printing farm is fairly small, but it compensates with its good look's =)



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    5 Discussions


    7 months ago

    Hi, are you controlling the 3-d printers with a remote access to them, i mean you just have to sit and give the command and not worry abt the the bed levelling and putting the SD card in the printer for the file to be printed. Is it like automated control or manual control


    3 years ago

    What 3D printers do you have?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great!!! I'm thinking that it might be hard to fix one of the printers if something happens.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    It seems that the printers are not bolted on the shelf, so if a big problem arise he can easily get them out of the shelf.


    4 years ago

    It's a exelent idea! Good job and good sharing!