3D Printing Filament Spool Holder

Introduction: 3D Printing Filament Spool Holder

If you have a 3D Printer, you probably have a lot of filament spools laying around like me. Over time this can become a problem, because the take up a lot of desk space. Right now I have more than 15 different spools, and they take up about a quarter of my work space where I have my 3D printer.

I recently started welding. It has been a learning curve, but it is all about setting some time aside to practice your welds, so this was a perfect project for me to make my desk more organized, practice my welding skills, and make my work more efficient when it comes to swapping spools.

So without further ado, lets get to building.

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Step 1: Building


- 1.5" Square Tubing

- PLA 3D Printed Pieces

- 1/5" Threaded Rod

Cutting The Square Tubing:

- 2x 4.5" Pieces

- 2x 8" Pieces

- 1x 25" Pieces

3D Printed Holders for Threaded Rod:

- Thingiverse STL Download link

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