3D Printing From Raspberry Pi “ No Computer Used”




Introduction: 3D Printing From Raspberry Pi “ No Computer Used”

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Raspberry pi is one of the most famous mini-computers in the world which you can enjoy audio and Video ,surfing the Internet,office software and also do creative projects

Today, God willing, we will learn how to connect and use 3D printer with raspberry pi

what is raspberry pi ?

Simply it is a card size computer .which is open source and making for educational purposes

Raspberry pi 3 have a powerful processor and random memory and graphics card and Bluetooth and wifi and usb ports, making it a mini computer easy to use and having everyone . its cost does not exceed

US $ 35

why printing using raspberry pi?

With the widespread availability of raspberry pi especially in creative places such as hackerspace and fab lab has become very necessary to connect and run a 3d printers by raspberry pi .it is

Effective alternative for computer and laptops

Does rasberry pi practical and perform the functions properly ?

Of course . With the strong third edition of the strong and Linux operating system you can print what you want and exquisitely

Of course it is not dedicated to 3d modeling that needs higher computer , but can print well

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Step 1: First, the Operating System

The official operating system is Raspbian OS but we dont need it as it is not containing a lot of important programs in the 3d printing and difficult to install these programs

We will use the system RaspEx based on Ubuntu is fast and easier to install software

To download the operating system and install RaspEx Click on the following link


Step 2: Second, the Design and Modification Software

You can use the wonderful Tinker cad program from the browser, which works fine on Firefox, which is already installed in the operating system


Step 3: Third: Formation of the G Code Software

Slic3r software works well and can be installed from the existing synaptic package manager which already installed on the operating system by searching for slic3r

With large designs may find some slow and here you must use the cloud service Astroprint

Just register and then you can configure the G code and then simply download


Step 4: Fourth: Connection and Operating Software

Pronterface also works great and can be installed from the synaptic package manager installed in the system by searching for printrun

When connection you must choose No. 250,000 baud rate in order to function properly

If you find a problem because of permissions you can read this lesson


Step 5: Enjoy. Your First 3d Printing From the Rasberry Pi

enjoy your first 3d printing from the raspberry pi

Video shows the process of printing from Raspberry pi

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    3 years ago

    A Raspberry Pi is a computer


    Reply 3 years ago

    Of course, but most begginers with raspbian os dont know how to use raspberry pi for 3d printing with there favourite software
    just I want to show the method from modeling with tinkercad , slicing with slic3r,connecting,operating with printrun


    3 years ago

    Also take a look at octoprint / octopi https://octopi.octoprint.org