3D Printing Lighting Shade

Introduction: 3D Printing Lighting Shade

I lost my lighting shades, and I don't know when I lost them.

So I decided make new one. cause the light was so shiny.

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Step 1:

First of all, I had to know concise size of their structure holding socket.

and I designed it to be easy-installable like wearing ring on a finger.

Step 2: Modeling (Rhino)

Time to Modeling.

At first, I made a 'ring' that can hold the structure holding socket

Of course used size of the structure. but 1mm bigger than the concise size.

so that we can easily put the ring on the structure.

After that, I made a Shade on it.

used curves, network surface.

* Must consider about thickness.

If you want to use intransparant filament when you print it,

you must set the thickness very thin at shade part.

I reckon.

Step 3: Simulation

Simulation to decide color of the filament.

By keyshot 5.

I decided to use white one anyway.

Step 4: Slicing and Considering About Using Supporter

I used Cura for Creatable D2 for Slicing.

Images are for checking whether supporters are need or not.

I thought that it's gonna be OK without any supporters.

Step 5: Printed Well

Well done I reckon.

even though a part of shade's thickness was 0.8mm.

I used Creatable D2.

Step 6: Done

It's pretty nice.

It's not too shiny anymore.

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    4 years ago

    I like that the lighting shade only covers the bottom of the bulb so it can illuminate up!