3D Printing My Chinese Name_HAO

3D Printing my Chinese name_HAO

Step 1: Step 1: Research the Meaning of My Name

/hao/ (simplified version is the same as original version)

Structure of Chinese Character: up-down

Radical ( Simplified version): /ri/, means sun

Method of Creation: ideograph

Its original meaning is immeasurable, and also the sky.

Step 2: Step 2: Innovative Interpretation

/hao/ is formed with two parts, upper part/ri/ means the sun, bottom part 天/tian/ means sky. So when the sun is shining in the sky, it shows the image of a vast world. And also means big and wide. So when a man/ woman walks around with his/her chin up in the sunshine, it sends out a message of open-minded and delightness.

Step 3: Step 3: Design

In my 3D model, at first, I applied the image of cloud and sun, and under that there is a man walking. But after a plasticine model, I found it is hard to express the meaning of big and wide. So that a man walks under the sunshine with confidence could express the meaning of the character.

Step 4: Step4: 3D Modeling

In my 3D model, I need to show the meaning of /hao/. I made a castle, and the sun is shining above, which stands for the bright future. The whole scene is the expression of a man walking on a vast broad road leading to a better future.



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