3D Printing Using Kissslicer Support, Pillar and Fan

Introduction: 3D Printing Using Kissslicer Support, Pillar and Fan

I started playing with the kissslicer settings when "I made at the TechShop". The part is a small spool and i needed it round and smooth.

This first photo shows the part being made on the Type A machine at the tech shop.

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Step 1: Fan Off and No Pillar

The first one didn't come out smooth despite using the course support system. (As seen in the second photo, it doesn't go straight up) I also didn't have the fan on.

Step 2: Fan Settings

The second try I went into kissslicer and set the fan to 100% for all three settings. I also didnt have any minimum requirements meaning it would blow the entire time.

Step 3: Funky Support in Hole

This is what it turned out like. It looked better the top where the hole is supposed to be is still funky.

Step 4: Enabling Prime Pillar

By enabling prime pillar. It prints an extra cylinder. This takes the extruder off of your piece allowing more time to cool while still extruding material.

Step 5: Fan and Pillar On

With both the fan on and the prime pillar turned on I was able to get a desirable result. My spool was straight and smooth and the hole was ready to go on a key chain. Hope these settings help others.

This was all done at the TechShop you can check out their website at www.techshop.ws

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