3D Printed Vase With Unusual Pattern.




About: Hello! My name is Tetiana. One of my hobbies is 3D printing. My work covers various areas of engineering to the decorative. You can see my models on the sites: http://www.thingiverse.com/TanyaAkinora/about

I like to create beautiful things using the 3D printer.

Presenting your attention the decorative vase with an unusual pattern.
How to achieve this effect?

Consider the process of the points.

All my models are painted in program 123D Design.

Printed on a Prusa i3.

Step 1:

1. Draw a simple vase.

You can create designs in the program 123D Design, SketchUp, Shapeshifter or other.

Step 2:

2. Make the slope of a vase of 20-30 degrees.

Location lines depends on the angle of inclination.

Do not make the angle is too great!

Step 3:

3. Load in the slicer and set Brim and support.

As well as select fill percentage.

I have 15%.

Step 4:

4. Start printing.

During printing, change the color of the filament at all distances.

I chose ABS filament in different colors and Plastan transparent.

I put the printer on a pause and changing filament to another color.

Step 5:

5. The width and the number of color stripe depends on your imagination.

Neither vase repeats another!

Step 6:

6. Decorative vase ready!

My vase has 7 different colors)))

I wish you success!



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    2 years ago

    can you use a flixable material as a layer?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you for the question.
    I used a flexible Plastan material in the form of Brim and during printing layers vases.