3D Printing a Chinese Character--同tong(同字型the Image of Tong)


Introduction: 3D Printing a Chinese Character--同tong(同字型the Image of Tong)

This lampshade design is based on Chinese character 同/ tong /. TONG in Chinese means work together. When we work together, everyone has its own part and do what he/she is good at. The lampshade looks like a hollow pyramid. The pyramid wall is transparent where lights can shine through. According to the structure of TONG, the four sides of the lampshade are all hollowed out with a square.

Step 1: 3D Modeling

We use 123D to make a bullet cover with half blue and half yellow. The blue parts means the daytime and the yellow parts means midnight which make the lamp cover colorful.

Step 2: 3D Printing

With the chimney model 3D printing out, we found that it was not reach our first idea to use the color lampshade. We find a colorful lamp holder to present the effect instead of the colorful lamp cover.



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