3D Printing a Chinese Character--同tong(同时simultaneously)

Introduction: 3D Printing a Chinese Character--同tong(同时simultaneously)

This is a 3D printed domed dial, the center is the antarctic pole with a flag, around which are crisscross warp and weft, and also the rough skecthes of other continents. The weft is formed by concentric circles, and you can see a profile of Chinese character 同/ tong / at a aerial view. TONG in Chinese means cooperation and doing something together, just like the concentric circles embraces with a common center. And here it means that people coming from different countries and continents all work together and get to the top of the world. And when the dial works, the pointer goes around and around, that means people are openminded and always chase after the best.

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Step 1: 3D Modeling

According to the theme concept, we made a flat disc at the beginning. But it is not enough to show the meaning of the earth, so we use 3 d software to model a half ball rendering terrain features in the southern hemisphere and the flag instead of the pointer of the clock.

Step 2: 3D Printing

We 3D printing a model with 1:1 size out to fit the clock mechanism in to be a real clock to use.

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