3D Printing a Portable Desktop Trash Bin for the Pregnant Teacher



Introduction: 3D Printing a Portable Desktop Trash Bin for the Pregnant Teacher

Now we are going to present our group project about the portable trash bin.

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Step 1: Concept Design

As we know, a large percent of the purpose of creating is to make some part of life more comfortable and efficient. We found that people throwing rubbish on the floor mess up the environment. But there are some of people that have difficulties on throwing rubbish, well like our homeroom teacher, is pregnant. So that we want to create a rubbish bin for pregnant women, especially pregnant teachers.

Step 2: Appearance Design

Because that they’re use in office, so we first focus on the size of it. We calculate that the total amount of paper, tissue, and the snack packing used in office per half day and designed a suitable kind. Not as the traditional large kinds of bin, we got ideas from this kind.

Step 3: Detail Design

This kind of rubbish bin is small and can be stick on edge of tables. This kind of bin is foldable and user throws rubbish into the rubbish while they push the lid. And when it is full, we can throw away from where we throw it in. The lid is designed larger so the rubbish can be thrown out easier.

Step 4: Our Team Member

The basic purpose is to let it be smaller but not lose its function. And we want to create a more efficient and creative kind. The designer Vivian and Emma tried their best to reach the goal. Though we know that there is lot to improve, but this shows our ability since we learnt to use 123D Design.

structural engineering:

庄之怡 Zhiyi Zhuang

Appearance Design:

黄稚恬 Zhitian Huang

Reporting & Communication :

陈雨菲 Yufei Chen

Project Management:

陈雨菲 Yufei Chen

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