3D Printing a Spider Alarm

Introduction: 3D Printing a Spider Alarm

This is a naughty innovative work. It’s a kind of alarms to remind the teacher that it’s time to class over with the spider climbing down.

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Step 1: Concept Design

The work is about a spider climbing around the web. The spider will climb out when the class on and climb back to the web when the class is over. We want that the teacher can be aware of the time to end the class when he see the spider out of the web.

Step 2: 3D Modeling

According to our ideas, we need to design a complicated work. How the spider climb out of the web? How it moved? How to combine the spider with the web? There are more and more problems need to solute. And the most important one is creating a path for the spider to move.

It is too difficult for us to make out what we thought. But we also set a goal that the spider can move around the web. We refer to the structure of the bicycle gear and chain and do a chain for the spider to climb.

Step 3: 3D Printing

We used 123D(software) to build a 3D model and make a real one by 3D printing. As the advantage about forming once of the 3D printing we make the spider really climb around the web. It’s so amazing.

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