3D Pumpkin

Introduction: 3D Pumpkin

(Made in tinkercad)

Step 1: Platform

1. Add a cube and shape it down into a platform that is 1 unit high

2. Make sure that it is symmetrical

Step 2: Sphere

1. Add a sphere onto the plat form and size it to platform

Step 3: Leaf & Stem

1. Add two hearts and flatten them to 1 to 0.1 units high

Step 4: Leaf & Stem

1. Rotate one of the hearts 180°

2. Put the two hearts together until you have two big circles in the middle

3. Conjoin the two hearts

Step 5: Leaf & Stem

1. Shape the two hearts to a leaf like shape

2. Move your new leaf to the top of the pumpkin

Step 6: Leaf & Stem

1. Add a cylinder to the top of the sphere

2. Put your leaf on the stem (make sure they are touching)

Step 7: Sides

1. Add a torus

Step 8: Sides

1. Shape the torus to the sphere until some of the torus is sticking out of the top and bottom and sticking out the sides

Step 9: Sides

1. Fill the sphere with the sides

2. Make sure it somewhat symmetrical

Step 10: Sides

1. Delete the sphere in the middle of the pumpkin

Step 11: Sides

1. Add more toruses in the gaps of the pumpkin

2. Shape the new toruses to make them smaller to the bigger toruses (there should be no gaps)

Step 12: Top & Bottom

1. Add two smaller sphere to the top and bottom of the pumpkin (there should be no gaps)

2. (Make sure that the stem and leaf is connected to the top of the new sphere)

Step 13: Color

1. Color you new pumpkin

2. Conjoin the pumpkin

3. (If on tinkercad) If the pumpkin goes to one solid color go the colors tab and select the multi-color box

Step 14: Done

You are now done with your new pumpkin now just shape to how big you want to.

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute design :) Do you have any photos of the printed project?