3D Puzzle Maze CNC

Introduction: 3D Puzzle Maze CNC

This is a very challenging 3D puzzle maze project for CNC machines.

Step 1: Download Files and Adjust for Your Machine.

Download the files, and adjust the files as needed for your production method. It is possible to just open the files, and hit the computer print button and cut the pieces with scissors, but this method is not recommended. Thin computer paper lacks enough stiffness to support the ball that runs the maze, and scissors do not make very precise cuts. Your project will turn out much better if you have access to some type of CNC equipment such as a laser cutter, or electronic router. This project would be awesome cut out of 1/8 inch clear plastic laminate, or constructed as a larger eight inch, cube made from solid ¼ inch wood sheets. This project is assembled without glue, so be sure to cut the slots the same width as the thickness of your construction materials. For example: if using 1/8 inch plastic laminate, the slots should be cut 1/8 inch wide. If you have trouble opening and editing the .pdf files, contact us at www.cheapdiyprojects.com to discus resolution of your file problems.

A note about copyrights: These files are for your personal enjoyment. We retain all copyrights. Do not sell or give away the files, kits made from the files, or finished puzzles made using the instructions. We spent a lot of time making this totally original puzzle, so please do not attempt to bypass the copyrights by making small alterations to the instructions, and calling it a “new” puzzle.

Step 2: Solve the Puzzle!

After cutting out all the puzzle pieces, solve your puzzle by assembling the maze. This is the first challenge of this toy! After assembling the 3D puzzle, attempt the second challenge of the toy. Use a small marble, bead, or BB pellet to twist and turn though the maze. The ball should enter one hole on top, and exit the other hole. If it does not, then perhaps you didn’t pass the first challenge of assembling the puzzle correctly!

Step 3: Need a Hint to Solve the Puzzle?

Give up? Need a hint? Visit our blog at www.cheapdiyprojects.com and send us a comment or message, to receive the puzzle solution!

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