3D Quilled Lemon




Intro: 3D Quilled Lemon

This time, I gave a try my hand on 3D miniatures. Yes!! It's a quilled lemon.
Today I am sharing the making process of a quilled lemon. It may look complicated but believe me it's not.
Just follow these few simple steps.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies needed :--

  • 50 Yellow quilling strips , 5 mm wide and 11.5 cms. long 11 Green quilling strips, 5 mm wide and 11.5 cms long
  • Stotted quilling tool
  • A quilling mould
  • Fevicol MR
  • Small sized scissors

Step 2: Making Coils

Start sticking 25 yellow strips end-to-end. Make a tight coil using a quilling tool or quilling needle. Secure the edge with glue. Make a dome shape out out of this coil with the help of a quilling mould. After the 'dome' has been made, seal it by applying some fevicol MR/white glue on the inside as well as the outside.

Step 3: Attaching the Coils

Now attach two yellow domes (we formed earlier) together. Add another strip in middle to hide the joined line.

Step 4: Making Stem

Now quill another small 4 cm long brown strip like picture to make stem of lemon. Add it in the center of lemon top by using glue.

Step 5: Making Leaves

Take a green strip of paper and make loads of scissor cuts to resemble grass. Add some of them together.
Stick the leaves on stem and lemon joint to finish.



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