3D Quilled Lion

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Hello quillers.
I am Sarah from CreativeMinds.We made this miniature quilled lion.To know the complete steps watch my video tutorial on youtube. TUTORIAL VIDEO:-


Step 1: Making the Basic Body

Firstly join 5 strips together twice.It means you have(two long strips containing 5 strips each).
Make 2 tight coils.Make a long dome on one coil and a slightly smaller dome on the other. Glue both of them together to make the basic body of the lion.

Step 2: Making the Face

Fringe a wide strip and glue it around the face(smaller dome).
Join two small and thin black and white strips each together.Coil them to make the eyes.Then glue them on the face. Make a small and thin coil and make a slight dome.Glue them on the face for the nose. Then cut a small mouth shape and glue them on the face. Now your face is completed!

Step 3: Making the Limbs and the Tail

Cut a wide strip in 4 pieces and make loose coils.Glue them underneath for the limbs.
Lastly,twist a piece of a strip.Add a small fringe at one end of the tail.Stick it at the back of the body. And your 3d quilled miniature lion is ready to roar!!

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