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About: I'm a mom of 4 and I love to craft! Anything and Everything interests me and i love to create in the process of learning.

I have always had a thing for unusual clocks and so I find myself always making them either to sell or as gifts. And let's face it, 'Clocks' are some thing which is very essential in every single room! I know, some would say I have my phone, but hey, you have to click it to see the time :-) Where else in a wall clock you just glance! ;-D

I've used an everyday throw away object to make the numbers. Guessed what it is?? check the secret in the next step :-D

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Step 1: Materials


Toothpicks / Barbecue sticks - You can use used or brand new

Acrylic pain or any household paint in Rainbow colors - It's more fun that way!

Clock mechanism

drill bit the size of your toothpick/ Barbecue stick

A 12 x12 plank of wood.


Jig saw



Step 2: Prepare the Face

Draw a circle the size you want your clock to be. Then draw an inner circle and mark where the numbers would be.

Cut the outer circle.

Now draw the numbers within the outer and inner circle. It's best to print and then trace on the face of the clock.

Now drill and test fit your sticks. I ended up using only toothpicks as it was thinner and I had a drill bit which was just perfect for it. It fit nice and snug!

Step 3: Drill and Sand

Now start drilling the numbers. I used a scrap piece of wood as a guide for the straight lines as I tended to go crooked. As you can see the number 1 went a bit off. So I fit a toothpick in and cut it off and then sanded it flat. Later I drilled again.

Once you finish drilling all the numbers it time to sand.

The spoke of my clock mechanism wasn't long. So I hollowed out the back with the grinder. Drill out the hole for the clock.

Sand with a fine grit sand paper and then apply a coat of varnish as it would be much easier this way. If you have a spray varnish you can prick the toothpicks and then varnish.

Step 4: Fit It & Cut

Now it's time for some creative fun!

Prick the toothpicks in snugly. I used the pointed side so that it will go very deep. Now If you like you can mark the shape you want to cut or you can go free hand. Using a wire cutter makes life very easy in this process.

Step 5: Paint It!

Gather your rainbow paints.

Now using a flat paint brush slowly paint only the tip of it. Use a dry brush else the paint will drip down or soak the stick with it's color. I also quickly tilted it upside down when I felt the paint was draining down and let it sit that way for a few minuets till it dried.

My clock hands were a bit too long so I cut it off and sprayed it black so that it would stand out.

Step 6: Admire!

I love how it turned out and it's now proudly gracing my daughter's room who loves Rainbow colors!

I've entered it in a few contests and I would love and be honored to have your precious vote! Thanks loads!

I would love to hear what you think about it and would also love to see you make one too!

Thanks for reading :-)

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3 years ago

very creative :)


4 years ago on Introduction

I am a clock nut so I am going to be making a lot of these. Glad you put this on here for everyone to see.

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! I'm a clock nut too :-) . So I actually sell clocks , if not where do I keep it! My FB Craft page is full of clocks! lol


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Matches would be a great idea too , but I guess you would have to cut it from the bottom. :-)

shazniVictor Does

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! yes it is :-) but it can be easily adapted for an adult room by just changing the colors. Like black base and gold/silver tipped sticks!

The one thing that I love about your project is that they are different :). Totally loved it. Voted