3D Scanner Control Board Arduino Nano + Drv8825

Introduction: 3D Scanner Control Board Arduino Nano + Drv8825

This control board was built for the 3d scanner i printed with my 3d printer.

Supports 1 stepper and 2 lasers

Files to be uploaded shortly !

Step 1: Introduction

I designed the controller board after spending some time looking for an arduino board with stepper driver to control the 3d scanner i was building. i ended up designing the board to my needs, thus has all the needed requirements to control the stepper motor and lasers.

the Parts

1 arduino nano v 3

1 x drv8835 stepper driver

2x mosfets

2x misc plugs

1x 2 amp fuse

1x discrete resistors and leds

Step 2: PCB LAYOUT , Fits Most 3d Scanners

The pcb was designed with designspark, its size is just 5 x 7 cms

The design was upgraded to take both 5volt and 12volt lasers.

Print the pdf in 100% scale !

I have ordered some boards and should be here shortly ! anyone interested drop me an email.

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    4 years ago

    This looks great! Can't wait to see the files :)