3D Snowflake Ornament

Introduction: 3D Snowflake Ornament

About: Name: Scott Holden

This elegant snowflake would make a great addition to the White House's collection of ornaments. It was designed to be simple enough so that it could be printed on a wide range of 3D printer technologies but complicated in its geometry to showcase the advantages of 3D printing. This design would be very complicated to manufacture by traditional methods but can easily be produced in a 3D printer in about 4 hours or less. This snowflake was designed with strength and durability in mind so that it will last for many holiday seasons without having to worry about accidentally breaking it during use or storage.

Step 1: Load STL File

Step 2: Print Snowflake and Remove Support Material (if Applicable)

Step 3: Hang and Enjoy!



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    so pretty! I would love this on my tree! Good luck in the ornament contest!