3D Weight Bench

Introduction: 3D Weight Bench

This is a 3D printed model of my Iron Man flat bench, it was also my senior project when i was in High School ( I got an A and the highest grade in class so I received3D print as a graduation present ) . This is a scale model of the original bench that i use to have. Being so long ago I do not remember what scale it is drawn to, but I am going to look and see if i can find the flash drive that i had it on so i can share all the drawling files.
The Iron man flat bench was drawn in AutoDesk  Inventor
3D printed, cant remember band of Printer.
But any questions about the bench I will be more than happy to try and recall what I was doing to this in 2009.

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    wow lots of detail here. have you made any other models in inventor?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yes, I've taken a few classes on 3D modeling, so I've done plenty in class and then a few just for fun