3D Geometric Necklace




Introduction: 3D Geometric Necklace

This necklace is compose of 3 geometric shape: dodecahedron, icosahedron and a cube. Each piece is cut on thick paper, I use gold, silver and copper color.

Tip: If you use liquid super glue and soak the paper carefully, the structure will be very strong.

P.S: Sorry if my English is bad.

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Step 1: What You Need

- 3 color paper
- scissors
- razor knife
- dodecahedron template (http://intermath.coe.uga.edu/tweb/gwin1-01/apley/Dictionary/Solids2/GIFs/dodecahedron/2dodecahedronTemplate.gif)
- icosahedron template (http://homepage.math.uiowa.edu/~goodman/algebrabook.dir/2dgraphics.dir/icosahedron_bottom.gif)
- cube template (http://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/images/cube-model.gif)

Step 2: The Cube

First, you need to make the cube. Draw the template yourself or use the template I give at step 1.
Draw it so that the edge is 1,5 cm long , the flap is 2mm thick and the inside square has a  distance to the outside square about 2mm

Step 3: The Icosahedron

Now it start to get harder. Draw two icosahedron template. Remember to mirror one piece or it won't fit.
The edge of each triangle is 2cm long, the flap and inside is the same as the cube
Before you close it completely, add the cube inside.

Step 4: The Dodecahedron

Do the same as the other two. There is no flap in the picture so you need to flow my picture. The pentagon has 2cm long edge and the same flap and inside pentagon like the other two
Before you close completely, add the icosahedron
You should to make 2 layer for this piece since it will take the most pressure

Step 5: Add to the Necklace

You can it to the necklace like i did or you can use a jump ring 

Step 6: Admire Your Work

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