3D Pacman

Intro: 3D Pacman

first you make a circle whatever dimension you want

Step 1:

Then you go to the line doc and put the line in the center than and another line spaced out from the other line

Step 2:

Than you go to the trim icon then you trim the outside of the lines to make the mouth, After go to finish sketch

Step 3:

Extrude it by 0.05 to color it go to the top where you see default

Step 4:

go to create 2D sketch to make the eye

Step 5:

Next go to the circle icon and the line close to the mouth put the circle there to make the eye

Step 6:

You go to finish sketch extrude the eye by 0.02 and finish sketch again after you extrude so you can color the eye

Step 7:

After you color the mouth and the top you are finished

Step 8:

Now I have my 3D pacman



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! Thanks for sharing. Good looking pac man!