3D-printable Faucet-to-hose Adapter

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One of our favourite applications for 3D printing is to quickly manufacture something that is hard to find in stores. Recently we needed to connect a flexible hose to a standard water faucet in our office.

Instead of getting into the car for a ride to a bunch of hardware stores, we quickly designed this adapter in Autodesk Fusion 360 - which thankfully has an amazing thread-creation feature!

Two hours later the part was 3D-printed using PLA filament and attached to the faucet.

There are many different standards for faucets, hose sizes and pipe threads. This STL file may not fit your faucet but if you have one with 24 mm diameter and 1 mm thread pitch, please give it a try.

As a disclaimer we want to remind everyone that this is an experimental design. Please do not use this adapter if you are not sure what could happen if it for any reason would fail. We deliberately chose to use it in a bathroom with a moisture barrier on the walls and floor, as well as a floor drain.

Enjoy! :)

By http://CreativeTools.se



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    2 years ago

    I so need one of these.