3D-printed Circular Mazes for Petri Dishes - Online Images

Introduction: 3D-printed Circular Mazes for Petri Dishes - Online Images

Make 3D printed petri dish mazes using pre-existing circular maze images found online.

This takes about 10 minutes.

Step 1: Download an Image File Online of a Circular Maze

Make sure the image has contrasting colors between the maze and the background. The maze must be a single color, preferably black. The background should be light in color or white.

Step 2: Convert the Image to a .SVG File

Open www.online-convert.com. Under image convert, select 'convert to .SVG'

Select the downloaded picture of the maze to convert. Under optional settings, set 'color' select monochrome, then download the .SVG output file.

Step 3: Transfer Maze to Tinkercad

Go to www.tinkercad.com

Create a new design.

Under 'import', select the downloaded .SVG file.

Step 4: Resize the Imported Maze

For the standard petri dish (~87x87x11mm), the dimensions of the maze are: 85x85mm with 8 mm height. These dimensions of the maze fit snugly into the petri dish. If in doubt, make the maze smaller.

Download the project as an .STL file by clicking 'Design' then 'Download for 3D printing'.

Step 5: Convert the .STL File Into a .gcode File to 3D Print

Open Tinkerine Suite on desktop and import the .STL file into the program.

Adjust settings as needed.

When ready, 'slice' the file (this will save the maze as a .gcode file).

Save onto SD card to print on 3D printer.

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    4 years ago

    Very fun! I'll need to do this sometime.