3D Printed Ebola

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I figured, everyone is talking about Ebola, but like only 5 people in the US have got it. So I made an Ebola model, and you can too!

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Step 1: Get Your Ebola Image

First, get an image of Ebola. I used this one because it's the one you see used on the news all the time. The easiest way to make this into 3D is to use an image popper. First you'll need to open this image into an image editing software. Trace the virus so you have a black line representing the virus, with white around it. You can use shades of grey to add some texture.

Step 2: Image Popper

You should have an image that looks something like this. Take your image to an image popper like Shapeways 2D to 3D app. From there you can set the thickness. You can either download your file to print at home, or order directly from Shapeways! Attached are my results.

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