3D Printed Holiday Ornament

This is my ornament for the White House 3D printed ornament contest. I am a senior in high school and was told about this contest in my engineering class. I made this design using Tinkercad.

Step 1: The Snowflake Pattern

I started by taking a picture of a snowflake that I found and made it a pattern. I then made it into a hole and cut the shape into a semisphere.

Step 2: Finishing the Snowflake

I then made a sphere hole on the inside, so that my ornament could be hollow.

Step 3: The Happy Holidays

For the other side of the sphere, I took a semisphere shape and cut away the top parts. Then I printed text onto it and arranged the text in the middle. I then made sphere shaped hole and cut it out of a square, which I then used to cut the edges off of the text, so that the text is round.

Step 4: Holiday Lights

Then, I made one small string of lights. I then duplicated it and arranged them to form the curve of the sphere below the Happy Holidays text. Then, I attached them to the ornament.

Step 5: The Snowmen

For this step, I started by making a big snowman. I then shrank him and duplicated him a few times and arranged them in a semicircle shape above the Happy Holidays text.

Step 6: The Loop

Then, all I did was make a little half circle so it could hang off the tree, and the ornament was complete!



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