3D Printed LED Bracelet With Motion Sensor





Introduction: 3D Printed LED Bracelet With Motion Sensor

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This project started when I printed Diagrid Bracelet by nervoussystem and got the idea to add some LEDs to it. I designed the model using123D Design. An Adafruit trinket (Attiny85) is controlling a Neopixel 144 LED/m strip and reading value from a FLORA Accelerometer/Compass Sensor (LSM303) using I2C.

Blog: http://www.slickstreamer.info/search/label/bracelet

Step 1: What You Need

Step 2: Model

Download the files from Thingivers http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:248567

I printed it on a Form 1 using white resin.

Print the model and glue the magnet.

Step 3: Electronics

  • Trinket - 3.3V Logic
  • 144 LED/M Neopixel strip
  • Smal battery (~110 mAh)
  • Neodymium magnets (3 mm)
  • FLORA Accelerometer/Compass Sensor - LSM303

Connect the led stripe to D1 to one of the trinkets pins, I use pin 1, and connect +5v to the battery positiv and GRD to negativ. To connect the accelerometer use pin 0 for SDA and pin 2 for SCL.

Step 4: Code

Step 5: Party!



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    3 years ago

    would be great if you could send me a better pic how you connected every wire. I cannnot really see the connections... how did you connect the battery with the trinket or led with trinket? Thanks!

    1 reply


    I have done some changes to the design and added a power switch to the trinket. I have some pix on that in this blog post http://www.slickstreamer.info/2014/07/led-bracelet-vu-meter-3dprinting.html . Hope it help otherwise I can take som more photos.


    3 years ago

    could you send me the code for implementing the lights? tim.moesgen1@yahoo.de

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    With which 3D Software can I open the files?

    I couldn't find any Software yet...

    2 replies