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Hi folks!

I built my own laser engraver and want to share it with you in this 'ible'! I made it with the help of my 3D printer.

I saw this one http://www.banggood.com/500mW-Desktop-DIY-Violet-L... and thought i could print the acrylic parts. This is why i made it.

My working area is:

X 265mm
Y 345mm

But it depends on the aluminium profile you´ll buy.

My parts are:


- 2x 440mm

- 2x 320mm

X axis

- 370mm

Step 1: Get the Parts

What you will need:

1. 3D printer ;-)

2. PLA (any other material will work i think) http://www.amazon.de/NuNus-Filament-MakerBot-Maker...

3. Aluminium profileshttp://www.ebay.de/itm/150956267616?_trksid=p20578... (i used the 6mm groove. You can also try 5 mm groove, then you maybe don´t need the roller .stls)

4. Slot nuts and inner squares

4.1 Slot nuts

You´ll need 6 slot nuts. I bought them here http://www.ebay.de/itm/161168970108?_trksid=p20578... but i think you can also print them.

4.2 Inner Squares

To connect the frame parts i bought them here http://www.ebay.de/itm/281585620876?_trksid=p20578... maybe you can also print them. 8 pcs.

5. Screwsand nuts (buy them at your hardware store)

12x M6x25 (To fit the feet and the side parts of the x axis you´ll need)

12x M5x20 to attach the bearings to the moving pats

3x M5x45 to connect x-axis moving parts

4 screws fot the slut nuts (i used M4)

2x M2 to fix end stop to y axis foot

Some M3 to fix the motors

6. Bearings

You´ll need 13 peaces http://www.aliexpress.com/item/chrome-steel-bearin...

7. Rod (length depends on your build)

1x http://www.ebay.de/itm/181470570665?_trksid=p20578...

8. Pulleys and belt (you need three pulleys or print them)



9. Maybe endstops

2x http://www.banggood.com/10Pcs-KW12-3-Micro-Limit-S...

10. Laser heat sink

1x http://www.banggood.com/12mm-Laser-Module-Heat-Sin...

11. NEMA 17

2x http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6619097103.html...

12. Coupler

1x http://www.banggood.com/3Pcs-5x5mm-Motor-Jaw-Shaft...

13. Wiring


14. Fan

1x http://www.banggood.com/Heatsink-12V-0_1A-2-Pins-C...

What else will you need?!

- screw driver

- double sided tape

- a drill makes it much easier sometimes

- cable fixers at the moving parts http://www.ebay.de/itm/100-Stuck-Selbstklebe-Recht...

Step 2: .stl Files and DXF

I first printed some parts vertical, but the motor holes were some kind of comressed then. It is much better to print them horizontal...


The dxf files are made by user stevedee78 all credits to him...

Step 3: Assembly

I will post some editorials here later.

At all it is very much self-explaining, but here is it in short. If you have questions i´ll do my best to answer them.

1. assemble the parts with the bearings

2. screw the motors on the parts

3. put the x part on the axis

4. add the side parts of the x axis

5. assemble the frame

6. put the x axis on the frame

7. screw the feet

8. screw the laser parts on it

Step 4: Electronics

All the credits go to ianmcmill for his great support so far.

I got all my instructions from his 'ible'. https://www.instructables.com/id/Frankenstein-Laser...

I didn´t get the laser working yet, but will try to and then publish it.

Step 5: Videos

I hope you like it! In that case please vote for it in the contest!

Step 6: SAFETY

Always wear goggles in an adequate wavelength!


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4 weeks ago

can I use two of the single wide aluminum profiles side by side instead of the double wide ones? you know what I'm talking about? I happen to have quite a few left over from now debunk gpu mining rigs I want to use for something besides this shelf I made with them...

1 reply

Reply 23 days ago

looks like will need some modifications to work with the profiles i have.. which are single wide and seem to be about 3/4 inch square. do you have source files for the 3d printed parts? so I can try and resize them for the profiles i have? ty!


4 years ago on Introduction

I seriously need someone to provide a link for the aluminum profiles for purchase in Canada or the US. I can't find a place that's as cheap as yours, and I really want to make this!

5 replies

Reply 3 years ago



Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Check out the Extrusion from REV Robotics. It is designed for linear motion like what is described in the instructable, and doesn't require special nuts for the slots.

It is available here http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-2901.htm


1 year ago

I wonder how easyDriver boards are able to run NEMA17 steppers. I thought you need grbl shield to be able to run NEMAs. What voltage is enough to run your NEMAs? Mine requires 24V ... (salvaged these from old multiFunctional Canon device) ...


2 years ago

How much torque does nema 17 stepper motor need?

1 reply

3 years ago

can anyone tell me how you accomplished the belt clamp? I have 2 types of slot nuts and neither will even fit in the slot with the belt under. I also tried just a nut - same thing. How did you do it?

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

Ask the company where you buy the profiles where you can get the right slotnuts...


3 years ago

I believe your spec for the bearing mounts screws is incorrect. they should be 30mm not 20mm. Could you please correct your requirements so that the next person to build that doesn't have a variety of screws on hand won't have to make a trip to return and purchase the correct screws. Thank you.


3 years ago

Could you please provide a printed parts list with quantities needed of each piece? Thank you very much.

1 reply

4 years ago on Introduction

Hi could I get the following files to STP, PRT or DXF?

Seite_ohne_motor.stl Seite_motor.stl X_Achse_Beides.stl

I wanted to mill the parts.

Hallo könnte ich die folgenden Dateien in STP, PRT oder DXF bekommen?

Seite_ohne_motor.stl Seite_motor.stl X_Achse_Beides.stl

Ich wollte die Teile fräsen lassen.

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