3D Printed Skyscraper Chess Piece

Introduction: 3D Printed Skyscraper Chess Piece

Inspired by my study and the game chess, I made an new conceptual piece for what could be a future complete chessboard. 
This particular piece would be the ´king´, i´ll go in depth about that a little more further one. 

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Step 1: Thoughprocess

After making a mindmap about myself i entitled 5 words as start to start brainstorming with. I´d became rather clear that i wanted to resemble myself in different ways in that chesspiece. For instance the studie I attend and some of my characteristics. You can see the words in the picture in this step. One of the words i marked was leadership. This word made me think about a monarchy, which is easily put into a queen or a king. Now it's pretty hard to make a really organic shape for a queen shaped building, so i sketched and eventually made a king first. 

Step 2: Design Process

After making some roughly shapes from a regular chesspiece into a skyscraper one was kinda challenging. Not only does it have to resemble a king in some way, but it also has to be possible to 3d print, meaning no thin overhangs can be made. The first time i made my final model in sketchup, the drawing was too detailed. So i had to minimize the detail in the building to make sure the 3d printer could print the shape and look i gave to the building. This was almost impossible to do since you are scaling down a 80m building into a 4cm print. So i had to comprimise on the looks and number of windows i wanted. Also not everything doesn´t resemble it´s correct scale but there was no other option in doing it. 

Step 3: Realising the Product

The print was realised with a Ultimaker 3D printer. This particular printer is cheap and designed for a ´fablab´. The casco of the printer is handmade with a machine attached to it. In one of the pictures you can see the configuration of the 3D printer while printing my piece. 

Step 4: Final Product

           Base -> 26mm x 46mm
           Height -> 48mm 

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