3D Printed Tool WristBand W/ Minimal Assembly




Introduction: 3D Printed Tool WristBand W/ Minimal Assembly

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So i saw similar product on the market for 200 - 500 dollars on the internet. Not even sure is available for sale but i'm not sure if i want to drop that much money if i can make one myself.

So i went to work on my computer, drafted some 3D files, 3D printed some prototypes. However, the initial prototype i printed required screws and some assembly. I could have gonne to home depot and bought some screws but why should I? so maybe I could 3D print some screws and glue them in place. But it hit me.. I could 3d model the screws in place and i could 3D print the entire thing all at once.

So i went back to the drawing board and 3d model the whole thing. I also placed each link in a manner that maximizes the way it prints. This method pretty much allows me to print the entire bracelet all at once. The only reason i don't print the second part of the clasp all at once because i want to print it sideways to increase strength in the direction i wanted.


You will need a 3d printer or a buddy with a 3D printer

a head gun or blow dryer might work

screw bits.. i had a bunch just laying there

You can download the files here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:753452

or you can just buy one from me https://www.etsy.com/listing/228631397/multi-tool-wristband

Step 1: 3D Print and Assemble

I think i used 50% infill or less to keep the print strong and in the lighter side. I reduced the support to the minimum but i think you can 3d print the entire thing without support but dont quote me on that.

I picked the screw bits i wanted to use and had them ready for when the print comes out.

So here is the trick.. You have to be there when the print finishes and it still warm. start putting the screw bits into place while it still warm and do it quick or you will have to use a heat gun

This will be the easiest part but it will get a little complicated when you put the other half of the bits.

Remove the bracelet from the print bed and one by one heat up the hole and insert the screw bit into place.

Once you have all the screw bits into place 3D print the clasp.. and glue into place with the rest of the bracelet.

if the clasp is a little too lose heat it up and squish it to make it tighter.

Step 2: Wear It and Use It

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    Quick question, how big around is your wrist, do you think it would be too small for me (I don't mind to big)? Cause I don't want to print it and then realize that it doesn't work. My wrist is about 7 inches around

    Nice job on this design! Quick question though: could I use something like a two-part epoxy to affix the bits instead of a heat gun?

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    right now its design to expand with heat and shrink when it's cooling down.. right now it's a bit hard to put the bits in while cold.. so if you like to do this maybe enlarge the print by .03 - .05 % to make the holes a big bigger.. then use epoxy to keep them in place

    Good Idea, but you should consider smooothing the edges with sandpaper, beacuse it looks like it is not very comfortable to wear ;)

    Thanks man.. Please don't forget to vote for me

    I voted for you and am printing it now. My only note would be that the bracelet stl is oriented vertically. If you included the clasp and made its default orientation the same as the print orientation, that would be awesome. Keeping my fingers crossed on the print! I have an old gen 3 solidoodle that can be... erratic...

    Thanks man.. Not sure why the bracelet and clasp aren't oriented correctly on thingiverse.. They suppose to be printed a certain direction as it shown in the pics.. This reduces the amount of support and makes the bracelet and clasp stronger..

    Been wanting to make one of these for a while now, more I can make this, thanks, and good job

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    thanks man!.. please don't forget to vote for me and post pics when you make it

    The leatherman Tread to be specific, they announced it not too long ago, but it's way over priced for what it is, In my oppinion

    Oh yeah, that's what it is. I remembered seeing it and thinking how cool it was, and then I saw the price tag.

    Last time I even mentioned a trademarked name I got a cease and desist from HBO.. So I will not confirm.. But anything more than 50 and has no electronics on it it's overpriced in my book

    oh yeah that instructable! I recall your mention of the troubles of licensing. I thought it was a great project, I don't own a smart phone or I'd have tried it myself.