3D Printed Chess Piece

Introduction: 3D Printed Chess Piece

For school I made a 3D printed chess piece, with my own properties.

Machine:                   Ultimaker 1
Material:                    Plastic
Graphics program:    SketchUp
(the document is on 10:1 scale)

Licenses: attribution-noncommercial (CC BY-NC)

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Step 1:

I made a mind map of myself. 
Thought about what I wanted in my chess piece, and how I would look like the design.
My properties in this chess piece:
-Precisely:                                    robot
-Fashion:                                      dress
-Always on time:                          clock belt 
-Love to watch movies & series:  filmstrip 

Because the robot can do everything, it has to be the queen.

So I made a sketch and stared with SketchUp.

Step 2:

When I thought it was good, I did a test print in orange. 
This test took 37 minutes,  speed 0,2 on the 3D printer.

The piece was quite okay, only the details were missing and two corners were minimal burnt. 
I thought the corners will be fine by the slow printing. 

Step 3:

I had the details in my SketchUp design adapted.
And printed again.
This time white material and speed 0,1 on the 3D printer.
For this one it took 64 minutes. 

Step 4:

Because of the burnt corners I have chose to paint it gold.

Step 5:

Final chess piece.

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