3D Printed Custom Lightsaber

Introduction: 3D Printed Custom Lightsaber

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This was just a quick thing I did in sketchup for the 3d design contest.  Its a bunch of pieces inspired by lightsaber parts that would fit together, and could be replaced by any other part in the same category.  The pieces are from one of four sets.  The first is the rods, which are just hollow plastic tubes which fit either one, two, or no middle (red) sections.  Their inside diameter matches an aixiz laser housing, so that it would be easy to make your fake laser sword a real laser swordish thing.  The second set of pieces are the heads, and there are two subsections.  The black head must go with the black tailpiece to fit onto the rod.  Similarly, the white heads must also go with white tailpieces.  The red set is the "grip", and are all interchangable.  All of these were modeled after existing lightsabers, though are NOT meant to be exact replicas.  I should have the files on Shapeways.com within a few days. 

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    you should add this here:
    have you used any other software besides sketchup? I've had mixed result trying to print from sketchup files.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    havent used other software, or tried printing from sketchup. I will add it there too, thanks.