3D-printed Kinetic Art

Introduction: 3D-printed Kinetic Art

This is a 3D printed kinetic art piece. You put it on your wrist and lift your hand in order to make the wings flap. The 3D printed pieces are easy to CAD. It turns out that the simplest CAD works the best when it comes to 3D printing(with no supporting material).

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Step 1: Make the Central Part

The curved part and the base are connected with wood dowels and hot glued together. You can have rubber bands going through the small holes on the curved part in order to fix it on your wrist. For the 2D part, it's probably going to be easier if laser cut.

Step 2: ​The First Section of the Wing

There's probably better way to make this part. At first, I designed an arm on this part, but it broke and didn't seem to work. I ended up just getting rid of the arm and made a hole to stick a toothpick in, so that the wing part would be somewhat connected with the base.

Step 3: The Second Section of the Wing

The hinges are connected by wood dowels. Remember to make mirrored parts since it's not symmetric.

Step 4: The Third Part of the Wing

I tried to make it as in the file, but it didn't work well when 3D printed.The short arm part breaks easily. Again, simpler design actually work better. So I made a short arm and hot glue them together.

Step 5: Assemble the Wing

Wooden dowels and arms are used to connect different sections of the wings. After completing this step, it should be quite winglike already.

In order to prevent the arms from sliding on the dowels, I added some washers, hot glue them on the dowels to restrict the movements of the arms.

click the video to see how it works.

Step 6: Making the Arm

When I was trying to make the arm, the laser cutter was't accessible to me anymore. I only have one piece that I laser cutted earlier. This piece wasn't designed correctly. I later run into problems with it. When I raise my wrist, I wasn't able to reach the arm. I had to add an awkward block in order to reach it (as shown in the video). This issue can certainly be solved with better design.

I cut two pieces of acrylic and hot glue them to the arm. The acrylic which contacts with hand is wrapped with fabric.

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