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Introduction: 3D Printed Phone Holder

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Ok. You have a problem. That is certain. So you’re searching for a solution. The simplest way to find a solution for pretty much any kind of problem is to take a look around you. What you have at hand? Got any tools? Now, find a way to use them!

That’s the story behind my project. The first project here. Hope you’ll like it.

My problem was simple: from the front seat in my car (Skoda Fabia) it is hard to reach the phone put in the phone holder sticked to the windscreen. I figured out a solution: stick it to the left window, but it also has some drawbacks (/there are also some issues with this location) – in summer I couldn’t have my window open (and I don’t have air conditioning).

Then it appeared to me that I can easily remove every one of the inactive buttons on the dashboard.

I realised it is a damn good place for a phone when driving.

So, I had problem, and I had an idea how to solve that problem. Now I had to look for tools to make that solution exist.

Step 1: 3D Projecting

I work in a Polish company that makes 3D printers. So the simplest way to solve my problem was to print a new phone holder for my car. As I have no experience in 3D modeling I had to try really hard to design something in three dimensions. I’ve found an online 3D modelling program called Tinkercad – it is really simple to use and it took me only 1 day to model this: (photos) It isn’t something creative but that’s the point. It has to be simple because then there is nothing that can break.

Step 2: 3D Printing

So, I’ve printed it, and that’s the result: (photos)

Step 3: Finished!

Now I need a sticky mat which I will glue into the white holding element. I've already checked it in a store - my phone will be "glued" to it like a fly to flypaper :)

The tools that I’ve used are:

- Pirx 3D printer
- Leatherman Skeletool multitool
- sand paper - digital ruler
- free online 3D modeling software Tinkercad

Hope you’ll like it. I’ll appreciate comments :)

P.S. I've uploaded .stls so you can print my idea, if you wish!

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    Thank you! I couldn't even hoped for such a nice words for my first instructable!