3D Printer Made Inside a Videogame

Introduction: 3D Printer Made Inside a Videogame

Hello everyone!

Some days ago i was asked in a e-mail to share my "invention" here on Instructables. With some delay, here I am!

First of all i want to apologize for eventual grammar mistakes: english is not my native language.

What i made is a working 3D Printer inside a very known game called "Minecraft". Minecraft, in addition to being a video game, has a good programming potentiality. Using commands with its programming language we can make everything we want, from other videogames to real life objects.

The concept behind my 3D printer is very simple to explain: we draw a project, we finish it and we print it.

For more demonstrations, i made a YouTube video specific for Instructables and for people that doesn't know this videogame. In the video i'm showing you how to draw a 3D project and how to print it.

If you have this game and you are interested in downloading this 3D printer to try it by yourself here's the download link: click here .

The steps to import the downloaded file in your game are these:

  1. Press on the "start" button and write in the search bar %appdata%
  2. Open the .Minecraft folder
  3. Drag the downloaded folder into the saves folder
  4. Open the game and open the imported world

Please note - you need to play on the minecraft version 1.8 or above.

Thanks for reading and i hope this was interesting for you,


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    I wasn't really sure to post it or not because is not something "material" but i'm happy to see your appreciation :)