3D Printing Dual Spool Holder for Printbot Simple

Introduction: 3D Printing Dual Spool Holder for Printbot Simple

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This Dual Spool Holder is built for a Printbot Simple. I made this because of a problem I was having with using carbon fiber filament. The filament was eating through the aluminum head from the filament spool resting behind the printer. The angle of the feed allowed the carbon fiber to saw it's way into the aluminum.

Now the spools are mounted securely above the printer and no more damage to printer.

Items for building a dual spool holder for Printbot Simple.

Electrical tape

1 1/4" bolt kit(DuBro176)

1"bolt kit(DuBro178)

1/4" wooden dowl

1/2" spare(or know as capstrip)

Large Zip Ties

Pieces to print out and use for Dual spool holder. Each piece is numbered(5, 6, 9 and 10)as they are building blocks to make different projects. More projects found here at dragonflyRC.

Printed parts are found at Thingiverse. They are free to print out..

5 Pin Mount A

6 Pin Mount B

9 Foot

10 Motor Mount

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Step 1: Wrapping Forward Post With a Couple of Turns With Electrical Tape.

A few turns around forward post with electrical tape will make a nice buildup for gripping securely.

Step 2: Assembly of Verticle Post

1. Cut a wooden spare to 8" long

2. Pieces 5 and 6 clasp around front post with electrical tape and the spare.

3. Use 1 1/4" bolt assembly through the two clasping prints. Tighten down bolt with nut.

4. Two large zip ties also through two clasping prints 5 and 6.

Step 3:

1. Clasp the top of the vertical spare with two number 10 prints.

2. Place two 1"bolt assemblies through the bottom two holes of number 10 pieces. Do not tighten these two bolts down yet.

Step 4:

1. Cut two 12" long 1/4" dowls to slide through holes on number 10 pieces.

2. Now two bolts can be tightened down from last step.

3. Slip two more number 10 pieces on to the dowls on each side.

4. Cap dowls with two number 9 end pieces.

The dowls act as rails for adjustment to accommodate different spools.

Load the spools and ready to go!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    AWESOME! Hope you win with this!

    This was a problem a bit with my Simple Metal, I thought there might be a way to connect some spools onto the printer itself. :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Your very kind! Thank you ScarabCoder, cool name too..