3D Wooden Ornament W/ Altoid Can Case

Introduction: 3D Wooden Ornament W/ Altoid Can Case

This easy to make ornament only requires wood, a laser cutter, a couple of programs, and a good imagination. This process is not limited to just the design used as an example, as well as the wood constraints used (.115).

Everything used in the process is as follows -

- AutoCAD 2014 (Can use different years)
- CorelDRAW 2000 (Can use different years
- 3mm thick birch plywood
- Laser cutter

Step 1: Creating the Design

For the design, I played around with some drawing until I got a basic design of a nonagon with stars around it. While the design can be up to you, be sure to leave space within the design for a circle to protrude from the top with a circle inside of it (as shown) in order to be able to tie a string around it, as well as space to be able to connect the different parts.

Step 2: Design It to Keep It Together

After you create your rough design, it is time to add to that design in order to be able to fit it together. What I used is a center piece that connects with two interlocking teeth at the top and bottom. The two other halves then fit by two holes created in the center piece that allows the two halves to slip into place using stubs protruding from the sides.

Be sure of two things -

- The stubs align perfectly with the two holes placed on the center piece - or it will not fit.
- Everything is correctly dimensioned - as a tip, make sure the two stubs are 1/2 the width of the wood so that it does not stick out.

Step 3: Saving Your File and Converting It Into a .dxf

After adding the finishing touches to your design, it is time to save your file and convert it to a .dxf. Now, I am using AutoCAD software and converting it into a .dxf for the CorelDRAW program. I am not sure if the process is universal amongst all programs.
Since my CorelDRAW program is the 2000 version, I converted the file (which was made with a 2014 version of CAD), into a 2000 .dxf file in order to be transferred.

Step 4: Printing Your Design

Once you convert your file into a .dxf, open it up in your CorelDRAW program. This program should be linked up to your printer, and once you open your file you are ready to hit print!

Step 5: Altoid Can Case

Now, in order to create the altoid can case you will need the following

- A small altoid can that can be bought at any convenience store
- Sanding paper
- Decorating materials (this example uses paper and glue)

Sand the altoid can case until it is as smooth as possible to be able to have a flat surface to properly decorate.

Once finished, you are free to decorate the can as you please, and in my case I created a design online and glued the colored design around the can. 

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