3Doodled Rhinestone Ring

Introduction: 3Doodled Rhinestone Ring

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Bring your 3Doodled rings up to the next level by creating a faux bevel and adding a rhinestone!

Step 1: BoM


3Doodled Ring

Flexible Filament



Step 2: Bevel

Put a dab of filament onto your ring and quickly place the rhinestone. It won't hold great, but it'll hold long enough for you carefully wrap the flowing filament around the rhinestone, creating a bevel cup to hold the stone in place.

Step 3: Trim

With sharp, pointy scissors, trim the edges of your ring and around your rhinestone to make the faux cup more prominent.



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    6 Discussions

    These look so good! I've only played with a 3Doodler once and struggled, so I am super impressed with how good you are at it :D

    2 replies

    Thanks! Super long learning curve (for me at least) and having the newer pens helps as well. My students are much better at it than I am.

    I agree with Jessy! So hard to use, these look super good :) You really make me want to pull it out and try again!


    1 year ago

    I have got to let my grand kids try making these these but I will let them use agats that i tumble and polish..

    Voted for your Ible...

    Where do you get that doodler and how much ?

    2 replies

    You can buy the pens at pretty much any Michaels, eBay, or at Wobbleworks.net